We deliver walkways and metal structures from Finland to Europe, Asia, and North and South America with a precise process.

Read here how your buying process proceeds step by step. You can also always contact us and ask more about our services, products, and deliveries.

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How to buy


1. Contact us

You can reach us easily via e-mail, webform or just by calling to us in number +358 40 635 0444 and tell about your needs. We will get back to every inquire soon.

2. First discussions and information

It is important that we gain information about your needs so that we can form a comprehensive overall picture of the offer. Thus after the first contact, we will discuss your wants, needs, and requirements.

We kindly ask you to send us all necessary documents and information about your needs, such as;

– 3D illustrations or models (we prefer STEP-file format)

– 2D illustration or diagrams

– Drafts or photos of your facility

– Standards and other requirements that are needed to apply. We will also discuss possible unique facilities and factory standards that you might have.

We have comprehensive knowledge of steel production standards and we are very familiar with standards required in international areas, such as NR12 (Brasil), OSHA (Oceania and North America), and SSG (Sweden).

There is no need to worry if you do not have all the detailed information right at the beginning. Our specialists are happy to go through the information with you and give suggestions as to what is the best way for you to proceed.

3. An offer

Once we have examined the background information, we will give you an offer. The offer includes expenses or estimated expenses, a suggestion of the structure and materials, and estimated delivery time. The more detailed information we have about the project, the more detailed offer we can give you.

4. Further discussions about the offer

To make sure that your needs are met, we happily go through our offer with you piece by piece. We will discuss the technical and commercial points and all of the questions you have, whether it is about the ordering process or technical details.

5. Kickoff meeting

Once the framework of the order is clear, we will start the project with a joint meeting with you. In our kickoff meeting, we will set up the base elements and start transferring the project into the design stage. Thus our planning engineer will also attend the meeting. In our first meeting, we will discuss the base elements of the project, such as schedules, reporting, and persons in charge.

6. Design stage

In the next step, your order will proceed to the designing and planning stage. We do everything in English and we are using a commonly known designing software.

Our design engineer will then send you 3D or 2D models for you to give comments on. It is important for you to know that the designing and planning stage is not through narration; we will always ask for your approval and comments. In this stage, you can ask for specifications and questions to which we will react in our design work.

We arrange all meetings nimbly remotely, for example via Teams.

7. Manufacturing

Once you have accepted the design and the plan, it is time to move onto manufacturing the products.

We manufacture the products according to the chosen standard and, if needed, the required CE certification. The most common standard we use is EN ISO 14122 (Safety of machinery).

With our modern production methods, efficient machinery, and organized production management, we will manufacture your project in the given timeframe.

8. Delivery

The last stage consists of careful packing and delivery of your products. We can send the delivery either on

1. freight traffic on the roadway or

2. container traffic

according to your needs and wishes. In both cases, we will pre-pack the entire order and transfer it to the transporter.

In foreign deliveries, we use FCA Premekon, which provides a smooth way to track the cargo, as you are in charge of the cargo management. Here you can choose your forwarding agent and be in direct contact with them.

We have years of experience in packing and sending deliveries to long distances. We ensure that the packaging remains intact and in good quality during the thousands of kilometers so you do not need to worry about its contents.


9. After sales

You can reach us at any stage of the project. We will help you with all product-related questions and comments, and you can contact us easily with just one phone call.

Customer story – Valmet

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries.

Valmet has been ordering walkways for paper- and board machines from Premekon.

“Premekon is efficient in the detail planning stage. When transitioning from the layout planning stage to detail planning we deliver Premekon our walkway layouts and also the 3D models of the walkways. They use the same software as us and they are currently generating the planning data for our system as well.”

The responsibility for the whole project should be handed to them. They are most efficient when they get to do everything from the planning to delivery.

This is how we can deliver the best financial benefits and delivery precision.”

– Petri Valjus, Design and Product Manager, Valmet, Rautpohja Factory.


How to buy - Premekon
How to buy - Premekon
How to buy - Premekon