MFBTT: the largest project in Premeko’s history, watch the video!

“Premekon has the competence and resources to carry out unique and challenging construction projects”

Premekon provided the world’s first next-generation bioproduct mill’s fibre processing unit in Äänekoski, Finland with all of its metal structures, including walkways, stair towers and handrails. With a value of EUR 1.2 billion bioproduct mill Is the biggest Investment of the Finnish forest Industry.

The construction of the Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, bioproduct mill in Äänekoski was a massive project, and its metal structures were provided by Premekon. The project was altogether challenging due to its schedule and the premises.

“Premekon’s scale of supply was very extensive, and the project’s schedule was extremely challenging. A lot of installation and supply tasks needed to be made in a small area within a narrow time frame. The areas reserved for storing items and performing installations were also limited. All of these elements set certain requirements for the providers,” says the fibre processing unit’s Maintenance Manager Pasi Forssell, who works for Botnia Mill Service, maintenance partner of Metsä Fibre’s pulp producing mills.

A comprehensive solution

Premekon was selected for the project due to its proven reliability in previous experiences of providing a complete package of metal structures. Premekon’s modes of operating and professionalism have convinced Forssell on a general level as well.

“They are able to perform the design, manufacturing and installation processes. The installation crew was very professional and paid close attention to occupational safety. They are flexible and reliable people who are able to make special arrangements whenever necessary. It also means a lot to us that Premekon is a Finnish supplier,” says Forssell.


“All problems were solved together”

Premekon began the installation work of the fibre processing unit in 2016.

“The structures were enormous and uncommon to the Finnish industry. Nevertheless, Premekon had the competence and resources for such a large project. The installation work was performed exquisitely, and the supplies were made in a flexible manner. The supplies were planned very well also with regard to the installation work, as storage space was limited,” says Forssell.

As with any large project, certain challenges arose. Nevertheless, the project was completed successfully.

“The project was demanding, but all problems were solved together. We were delighted with the outcome of the project,” summarises Forssell.

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