The service platforms can be made from several different materials according to customer wishes. Working platform deliveries can be turnkey deliveries or smaller deliveries ranging from a couple of square meters to several hundred square meters. Working platform structures are planned in a 3D environment with parametric design models to reach an optimal design and manufacturing.

Starting point for the delivery can be:

  • Layout pictures
  • The client’s drawings
  • Premekon’s designer’s sizing

There are numerous ready-made working platform solutions available that can be applied to the subject’s and client’s standards, special needs and selected materials.

Service platforms from steel

Service platforms from steel are manufactured in their own production cell where the manufacturing of the working platform structures is carried out automatically with pipe and plate laser, beam drill and a plasma cutter. The frameworks of Premekon’s service platforms are made from angle iron or U channels, in which grate, tear plate or, for example, perforated plate can be used as a running surface.

The service platforms are welded units and in the installation process, the ready-made elements are attached to each other with bolt connections. Working platform structures with bolt connections ensure a better fit for the products and reduce the need for welding at the installation site.

Service platforms from aluminium

Premekon’s aluminium service platforms are manufactured on their own manufacturing line with fully automated methods. The parts of aluminium service platforms are welded together, after which a surface finish is done by anodising. Anodising betters the structure’s corrosion endurance, permitting the use of the aluminium working platform even in challenging conditions. An aluminium working platform weighs around 50% less than a working platform made from steel.

We use a special running surface profile on the aluminium service platforms, whereby an effective and symmetrical friction is achieved regardless of direction. To attach the rails, a separate attachment made from aluminium profile is used, allowing the rail to be easily detachable without leaving any visible marks on the platform.

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