Premekon Oy designs and manufactures industrial walkways, stair towers as well as various other types of metal structures. Stairs, ladders, handrails and other walkway components can also be delivered separately.

Premekon offers a convenient and cost-effective turnkey solution, including design, manufacturing and installation.

Premekon has several alternative models and structures to fit customers requirements. Our products can be installed into outdoors, indoors, around the process unit or in the very corrosive areas. Premekon walkways can be found from pulp and paper mills, power and heat facilities, laundry, conveyors and civil construction areas.

Material options:

  • steel (painted or galvanized)
  • stainless steel (pool pickling)
  • aluminium (anodized)

Premekon walkways and stairs are pre-assembled structures, which are easy to install by bolt joints. Our experienced designers are using 3D software and parametrical models, which prevents the possible collisions with pipes and other sturctures in the installation site. Premekon will also take care that possible mill standards, safety standards and other special requirements are taken into account during the design and manufacturing.

EN 1090 (CE-Certificate)
ISO 9001
ISO 3834
ISO 14122

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