Industrial Stairs

Stairs can be manufactured using either aluminium or steel, with grating, perforated plate or checker plate treads. The type of railing used depends on the location and its requirements.

We design stairs parametrically in a 3D environment. The solution can be based on the customer’s drawings, preliminary dimensional drawings or measurements taken on site.

The appropriate stairway width and angle, as well as the tread depth, are determined during the design phase.


Stairway width, elevation angle and tread depth


  • Structural steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Acid-proof steel
  • Aluminium

Surface finishing:

  • Paint
  • Hot-dip galvanization
  • Spray pickling and bath pickling
  • Anodizing

Aluminium Stairs


Aluminium stairs are a popular solution for industrial environments thanks to their light structure and surface properties. Anodized aluminium stairs are highly resistant to corrosion. Anodizing also improves the appearance of aluminium, extends its life span and enhances its wear resistance.

Our aluminium stairs are always fitted with perforated treads. Because we use downward perforations, the perforations help keep the treads clean. Additionally, perforated treads increase the roughness of the surface, increasing grip and making them safer in various challenging environments.

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Aluminium stairs are suitable for applications such as paper and board machines, where their surface finishing and durability make them an excellent choice. The type of railing used depends on the location and its requirements.

At Premekon, we are experienced and skilled in working with industrial companies of various different sizes, and we always deliver the project as a turnkey solution. We also observe all necessary standards and requirements in each and every one of our projects.

Stainless-Steel Stairs


Our stair treads are generally made using perforated plate. The treads feature square-edged anti-slip nosing to prevent falls. Stainless steel as a material allows stairs to be used in demanding factory environments and ensures good load bearing qualities.

Available in acid-proof steel and stainless steel – surfaces are spray and bath pickled.

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Spiral Stairs


Spiral stairs ensure easy access to upper floors and are well suited for cramped spaces. Taking up a minimum of space, spiral staircases are the perfect solution when traditional stairs or stair towers take up too much space.

Spiral stairs are often used as escape routes in buildings that are only in occasional use. Spiral stairs are often the only available solution for cramped environments when, for example, the environment is crowded with a large amount of equipment or process pipes.

Premekon’s spiral stairs are painted and hot-dip galvanized. Available railing options are vertical bar railings or clean industrial railings.

Our spiral staircases are always tailored to the requirements of the location, including direction of travel and direction of ascent.


Our spiral stairs always comply with the EN 14122 service platform standard and building safety regulations. We also separately observe customer- and plant-specific regulations.

Our customer base is made up of a wide variety of different companies, and we are capable of seeing through projects of all sizes from design to installation. Many of our customers are international industrial firms, but we also work with SMEs. We have a great deal of experience working with businesses of all different sizes.

At Premekon, we have years of experience in project work, which ensures high-quality deliveries that are in line with all necessary standards. When you order a spiral staircase from the professionals, you can safely turn your attention back to your other duties while we take care of seeing the project through from start to finish.

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Delivery dates are agreed upon in advance with the customer.

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Steel Stairs


Industrial steel stairs are the perfect choice for spaces where regular ease of access is a priority. Our metal staircases are built for everyday use with steel frames and grating or plate platforms.

What the customer wants is a major factor in our choice of tread type, materials and surface finishing. Steel stairs are suitable for a variety of spaces, and the width of the stairs is determined by the customer’s wishes. Most commonly, we deliver stairs with a width of 600–1,000 mm.

The stair structure will be based on one of the options in Premekon’s catalogue, which are all compliant with the ISO 14122 standard. Our stairs can also be made using different materials, depending on the requirements of the application. We offer metal stairs in stainless steel, acid-proof steel, aluminium and painted or hot-dip galvanized structural steel.

Our steel stairs are equipped with either structural or stainless-steel railings. Available railing types are usually simple industrial railings or more stylish vertical bar railings.

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We have extensive experience in a wide variety of different projects, and we ensure that all our products meet the necessary requirements and applicable standards. Our industrial stairs conform to the EN 14122 service platform standard or the standards of the destination country, as well as the standards of the particular customer or plant. Where necessary, we will tailor our products to the specific standards of a customer or region.

We manufacture steel industrial stairs for companies of all sizes. Our industrial stairs are delivered on a turnkey basis, meaning we take care of everything from design to installation. This also allows you to save time by leaving the work in our professional hands so you can focus on your own work.

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