Premekon Ltd is a privately-owned metal company with specialisation in the manufacturing of industrial service platforms and stair towers. We specialise in turnkey deliveries of the service platforms: from custom-made 3D design to installation.

Premekon’s clients include a number of leading industrial companies and industrial machinery manufacturers. Premekon has delivered service platforms and stair towers to companies operating in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Premekon currently employs about 80 people and has modern office and production facilities in Joutseno’s industrial area in Lappeenranta.

Key figures:


Revenue: 10,7 mil. €

Staff: 85

Number of projects: 750

Amount: 2 200 tkg


Revenue: 12,7 mil. €

Staff: 88

Number of projects: 800

Amount: 2 400 tkg



Established in 1984, Premekon Ltd. began as an engineering company for welded steel structures, but specialised in the beginning of the 90s in the manufacture of industrial service platforms. Design is still the strength of Premekon, and this allows our clients to be provided with easy solutions, such as turnkey delivery. A large part of Premekon’s products were delivered to pulp and paper mills around the world.


1984Engineering company Premekon Oy
1986Introduction of CAD-software
1991Manufacture of own products starts
1994First turnkey delivery of service platforms
1996Move to Joutseno
1997First turnkey delivery made of aluminium
2000Focus of manufacturing on service platforms
2001Introduction of CATIA-software
2005Introduction of 3D design
2006Completion of a production line for aluminium service platforms
2010CO2-(carbon dioxide) pipe and plate laser
2013Voortman beam drill
2014Sand blasting line
2015Kemppi ARC System - quality management for welding


Client’s needs are the starting point

We perform each delivery to meet the client needs, whereupon the actual product delivery includes accessories and services. We offer our client effortless solutions aiming to save their time and resources, thanks to one contact.

A flexible and trustworthy partner

Our aim is to make the client happy and to establish permanent, long-term partnerships. Premekon’s operations are flexible and adapt to the client’s needs.

More effective than others

Effectiveness is one of our strengths. Both the design and manufacturing process use the latest technology available. Thanks to this, the highest productivity possible can be achieved, as well as keeping the costs reasonable.

On the crest of development

The development of both products and production is part of Premekon’s core activities. We constantly improve old products and manufacturing methods, as well as develop new ones. Our goal is to serve the clients even better and more cost-effectively.


Premekon operates in their own 6,500 m² premises in Puusepäntie, Joutseno.

Production facilities include:

Manufacturing department 3,100 m²
Shot blasting area 125 m²
Pickling and washing area of 120 m²
Paint shop 670 m²
Assembly and packaging departments 570 m²
Aluminium department 600 m²
Steel structure acidification takes place in a 120 m² area, with a 6.5 x 1.5 x 1.4 m sized pool.


Premekon perceives that the development of products and production methods is a part of a modern workshop’s everyday life.

Thanks to our continuous product development, we can provide our clients with new and even better products. By developing the production methods we ensure operational efficiency and keep costs reasonable.

Premekon’s partner for research and development projects is Lappeenranta University of Technology, with which cooperation has taken place in various areas, such as welding technology.

Heikki Holopainen, Master’s thesis 2003-2004: Fitness for Purpose Design of Platforms for Paper Machines

Development project of structural solutions and calculation methods, the results of which facilitated optimal structural measuring and compliance demonstration.

Mikko Pölkki, Master’s thesis 2006: Development of the Production of Supporting Frame Structure

In the development project, the focus was in optimising aluminium structures’ production methods. By optimising this, the production’s lead time could be reduced and effectiveness increased.

Joonas Pekkanen, Master’s thesis 2012: Design of Supporting Modular Frame Structure

The Master’s thesis’s focus was to develop a functioning modular steel frame structure with basic solutions especially for big and uniform working platform structures.

Ville Aitta, Master’s thesis 2013: Robotic Welding of Thin Walled Tubes

The aim of the thesis was to clarify the possible uses of robotised welding in the production of industrial rails and enhancing its effectiveness.

Tuomas Liukkonen, Master’s thesis 2014: Requirements for Metals and Welded Structures in Arctic Conditions

The Master’s thesis examined the special requirements for welded structures in the Arctic regions of Norway and Russia both in terms of production and certification.

Jussi Tiippana, Master’s thesis 2016: Value Stream Mapping and Lean Methods: Identifying Waste in SME Environment

Improving the business process of the employees and the office and identifying unprofitable work. The aim was to enhance the working of the employees and reduce idle time and delays resulting from it.

Jarkko Kontio, Engineer thesis 2009: Improving the Prefabrication of Steel Platforms

The thesis researched the productivity of the steel working platform prefabrication line and improved its efficiency.

Improving welding methods 2007

Improving the automation of welding and methods of mechanisation in collaboration with Lappeenranta Technical University.

Improving performance analysis system 2008–2009

Improved analysis system includes currently all the company’s performances and enables the evaluation of production effectiveness and productivity.

Product development for different sectors’ special needs and to diversify product selection 2009

The project included wide market research and mapping of clients’ needs, on the basis of which the diversity of product solutions and the modularity of the products could be increased.

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