Premekon as a Company

Premekon Oy is a privately owned metal industry company that specialises in manufacturing industrial service platforms and stair towers. Premekon’s speciality is turnkey deliveries of service platforms. We provide made-to-order solutions from 3D design through installation.

Our customers include several leading industrial companies and equipment manufacturers. Premekon has delivered service platforms and stair towers to companies operating in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

We currently employ roughly 100 people and have modern office and production facilities in Joutseno’s industrial area in Lappeenranta.

How We Do Things



Premekon provides every customer the scope of solution necessary, which means the actual product delivery also comes with supplementary products and services. We offer our customers hassle-free comprehensive solutions with the goal of saving them resources and time by offering everything in one place.



Premekon’s goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied and to forge lasting, long-term partnerships. We operate in a flexible way that adapts itself to our customers’ needs.



We are always ready to support our customers and each other. We build trust through both actions and words. We make sure to deliver on our promises.



We take responsibility for both people and the environment. We operate safely, adhering to good and sustainable practices. We develop with sustainability in mind.


Premekon’s business is based on safe, responsibly manufactured, high-quality products. Our products conform to all necessary safety standards and international certification schemes. Our employees complete a thorough induction process, and we place a major emphasis on occupational safety and wellbeing.

Virtually all our steel comes from Finnish steel producers. Our goal is to primarily utilise low-emission, ecologically sustainable steel from suppliers with a smaller-than-average carbon footprint for the industry.

History of Premekon

Premekon’s story began in 1981 in Lappeenranta. In the beginning, we were a steel structure design office. In the early 1990s, the company became specialised in the manufacturing of industrial service platforms. To this day, design is one of Premekon’s premier strengths, and the majority of the products we manufacture are destined for pulp and paper mills around the world.

Production Facilities

Premekon operates in our own 6,500 m² facilities on Puusepäntie in Joutseno.

Our production facilities include:

  • Manufacturing department 3,100 m²
  • Shot blasting space 125 m²
  • Pickling and washing space 120 m²
  • Paint shop 670 m²
  • Assembly and packing departments 570 m²
  • Aluminium department 600 m²
  • Pickling of steel structures takes place in a 120-m² space
  • with a 6.5×1.5×1.4-metre bath

The wide array of hardware used by our company allows for efficient production lines that manufacture tailored solutions.

Our hardware includes:

  • Robotic welding system – Yaskawa
  • Tube bender – BLM Group
  • Laser – BLM Group
  • Plasma cutting system – MicroStep
  • Bending machine – Amada
  • Drilling machine – Voortman
  • Saw – MEBA
  • Shot blasting machine – CM Modena


Premekon employs almost 100 professionals in various roles ranging from clerical and production staff to salespeople and painters.