The design process usually starts with the client’s layout images, but if they are not available, our designer can measure the site. The designs are made with the latest 3D software; we use Catia V5 in addition to two SolidWorks workstations. Moreover, we have access to traditional CAD software.

Parametric 3D plans and technical drawings are in accordance with EN 14122 (1-4) and with OSHA. In addition, the required facility-specific standards are taken into account in the design. 3D design enables accurate collision inspection at the design stage, thereby avoiding the amendments related to the structures during installation. The designs include the necessary strength calculations, in addition to which, if necessary, a comprehensive structural analysis report is provided.

Having a design commissioned and manufactured by the same company has a number of advantages, such as flexibility. We can react quickly to any changes as the data is transferred easily from the designer to the manufacturing process. Premekon’s different units work together throughout the whole project, so that the design supports both in-house manufacturing and installation work.


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