Premekon designs and manufactures service platforms, stair towers and steel structures. Stairs, rails and ladders that belong to working platform delivery, are also manufactured as individual deliveries.

Turnkey delivery

For the client, Premekon’s turnkey is the best and most effortless solution. Included within the turnkey are design, manufacturing and if necessary also assembly and installation. The cost-effectiveness of the turnkey comes from fast information flow between the people responsible for design and manufacturing, which ensures fast lead time for the wanted steel structures, as well as high quality. For the client, turnkey is also a flexible solution where it is possible to react quickly to changes as the solutions are found within the same plant.

Premekon’s service platforms are manufactured so that they meet all the requirements set by the EN 1.4112 ( 1 – 4 ) standard. In the manufacturing process and with surface finishes, also any special requirements set by the client are taken into account. Premekon uses a quality system and our performance is audited yearly according to the ISO 9001:2000, SFS – EN ISO 3834 – 2.

  • structural steel
  • stainless steel
  • acid-proof steel
  • aluminium
Surface finish options:

  • painting
  • hot-dip galvanisation
  • spray pickling and bath pickling
  • anodising


Premekon’s aim is to serve clients comprehensively, and services are an essential part of the activities at Premekon. For working platform and steel structure deliveries, Premekon offers design, assembly and installation services, allowing customers to get everything they need in one place.

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